The IAAP Georgia Project

I have been the International Association of Analytical Psychology’s liaison to Tbilisi, Georgia since 2008.

The Georgian Training Project started in 2002 with the intention of training local mental health workers in psychotherapeutic approaches. The aim of the project is to provide a specialist training in the theory and practice of analytical psychology for psychology graduates, teachers in university departments, doctors and other mental healthcare workers. It works in close association with members of the Georgian Association of Analytical Psychology (GAAP) and the International Association of Analytical Psychology (IAAP). Members of the GAAP enjoy regular training analysis and clinical supervision with visiting analysts. The project also provides books on related studies, thus furthering a cultural exchange between East and West. Its long-term aim is to train enough Georgian colleagues to establish their own self-sustaining training and teaching institute in analytical psychology. There are now ten Jungian analysts in Georgia. By 2022 the GAAP will become an independent body in the IAAP and by 2025 they will have the rights to train their own analysts.